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Default Seeking a pair of speaker stands

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D.M. Procida wrote:
Huge wrote:

On 2018-01-09, D.M. Procida
I need a pair of speaker stands.

I'm after something that looks like this: (i.e
black, square section steel in a design composed of right-angles).

The speakers have a footprint of 20cm wide by 18cm deep, and for
aesthetic reasons the stand needs to match that as closely as possible.

Have you considered making your own out of Dexion Speedframe?

I think probably it ought to be welded. How rigid is that stuff?

More than rigid enough for the job.

I made some for my BBC LS5/8 which need provision for the amp too. The
'proper' stands are far too high for domestic use.

You can cut it by hand, but I use an angle grinder with steel cutoff wheel
in a stand. Which gives a nice square cut with little skill needed.

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