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Default Is Manx Radio suddenly at huge power?

Hmm so its beamed then, which could mean the actual erp is higher than the
real transmitter power. The question is why do they want to cover outside
the island given that their adverts are still pretty local and there is
quite a long sea trip to both places.

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"Phil Allison" wrote in message
Brian Gaff wrote:

I notice that Manx Radio is now the strongest station on Medium wave at
night on 1368Khz, and its jingles proclaim the nations station. It even
fades like Luxemburg used to.
They claim to have been in existence since 1964.

** According to the brief Wiki, first with a 50 Watt FM license and a few
months later a 50W AM license on 1600kHz.

However, the Manx Radio web site page on AM indicates the 1368kHz signal
is now from a 20kW transmitter with direct coverage over the Irish Sea to
coastal cities - like Dublin and Liverpool at about 60kms range.

I also notice that the Isle of man now have a domain, ie .im
At the moment the adverts are pretty locally based but it does make one
winder quite why they need such coverage to us down here in London?

** The fact London signal is strong at night but fades suggests it is
there by accident, not design. At 400kms range, the ionosphere F2 layer is
helping. One skip from 150kms up would probably do it.

.... Phil