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Default Is Manx Radio suddenly at huge power?

Brian Gaff wrote:


Hmm so its beamed then, which could mean the actual erp is higher than the
real transmitter power.

** The long wavelength of 1386kHz makes "beaming" impractical, a bit a shaping can be done using multiple masts.

I found a pic showing the Manx Radio AM transmitter site. Two guyed 1/4 wave masts, spaced apart, located at Foxdale.

The question is why do they want to cover outside
the island given that their adverts are still pretty local and there is
quite a long sea trip to both places.

" Our AM network is primarily used to provide alternative programming such as the famous Manx Radio TT and our comprehensive Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling coverage. However, it is also used to provide broadcasts from the Island’s Parliament, Tynwald and Question Time from the House of Keys. The network is also used for Manx language programming and other opt-outs from our main FM service. "

..... Phil